About Us

RCR was founded in 2010 by Karen Roberts, along side her son, Christopher Raysor, with the name Raysor Computer Repair. Initially, our service offering was only computer repair & support.

Over the course of the years, RCR began to grow in to many aspects of the I.T. field. As we grew, we recognized the confusion that came from having "computer repair" in our name. Esentially, this suggested that computer repair was all we were capable of, and this was far from the truth.

After realizing this flaw, we shortened our name to RCR, and RCR grew in to servicing local businesses, as well as national chains across NY, PA, and NJ.



We understand the frustrations of technology, especially when you JUST WANT IT TO WORK. What makes us stand out is not that we've never faced a problem, it's that we know how to solve one when it arises. Resiliency is key, and that's what our customers have come to love.


Time after time, we see just how much people and businesses in our industry are taken advantage of. The problem lies in the obscurity of the I.T. industry. What we aim to do is educate you, while servicing you. This allows for transparency and accountability through and through.


We're people, just like you. We're someone's customer, just like you. It goes back to the age old adage: "treat others how you want to be treated". Our commitment to you is to always treat you the way we want to be treated; with fairness, honesty, and respect.



Home is where the heart is; and so is our Business.